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What Do You Think Is The Biggest Danger When Driving In Autumn?

The evenings close in earlier and the first frosts appearing, what do you think are the biggest problems when driving in the Autumn?

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Low Sun "Dazzle"
Other Drivers Without Their Lights On
Other Drivers With Very Bright or High Lights
Wetter, Colder Road Conditions

What is the no.1 Danger for driving in the Autumn?

Total: 25
A.Low Sun "Dazzle"60.00 %15
B.Other Drivers Without Their Lights On16.00 %4
C.Other Drivers With Very Bright or High Lights12.00 %3
D.Wetter, Colder Road Conditions12.00 %3
Stats until: 18:35 Sun 19th May 2024 (Refreshed every 5 minutes)