A Third Of Drivers Suffer Traffic Stress Syndrome

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Almost a third of drivers regularly suffer from a newly identified disorder, motor insurance companies have warned.

Traffic Stress Syndrome is a psychological anxiety that can affect certain drivers when stuck in traffic, says the motor insurance report. Symptoms can begin to occur within as little as three minutes.

A fifth of drivers afflicted experience an increased heart rate and headaches and one in every ten endures sweaty palms. In more severe cases, eight per cent of drivers reported either dizziness or stomach cramps. The symptoms can lead to decreased concentration and driving skills as well as increased levels of anger.

"The findings are very worrying - with more vehicles than ever on British roads driving has inevitably become more stressful, and, as a result motorists are suffering," said a motor insurance spokeswoman.

"We would encourage drivers to take deep and slow breaths and try to think about other things than the jams when sitting in heavy traffic to avoid getting Traffic Stress Syndrome," she added.

The worst locations for Traffic Stress Syndrome are unsurprisingly some of those with the heaviest traffic, warn motor insurance companies, such as the M25 south east, the M6 west midlands and the M25 western sector.

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