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What To Watch This Christmas

12:00 Mon 05th Dec 2011 |

However, you spend it like it or loathe it; Christmas is an important part of the TV viewing year and no matter where you are there is always something to watch on the box. All the major programmes and channels will be having Christmas specials which are often even more dramatic with even more exaggerated plot lines and character surprises than the rest of the year put together.


Nowadays with hundreds of channels to choose from, plus the BBC iPlayer and other On Demand services there will be no shortage of entertainment for all ages and tastes.


For some that means a traditional BBC Christmas with the Queen’s Speech then Eastenders Special and Doctor Who. For others it is a festival of the period drama, which seems to be making a big splash this year, with ITV’s award winning Downton Abbey Christmas Special and the BBC’s big blockbuster Great Expectations.


There are many more hidden gems this year, though, just begging to be viewed such as The Gruffalo’s Child an amazing animation of the sequel and the first of three new Absolutely Fabulous special episodes.


For those of a more cynical bent there is the Dickensian spoof series The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff on BBC2 and the comedy Lapland, about a Christmas-obsessed family heading off to spend the festive season in the home of Santa Claus.


Whatever you watch make sure you have enough room on your box to tape everything.


Happy viewing!!!

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