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10:55 Fri 09th Jul 2010 |

WALL-E is a beautiful love story with a twist. From the creators of Toy Story and Finding Nemo this film is one of the most memorable yet by Pixar. The use of live action in certain scenes was a stepping stone for Pixar and so they had to make the rest of the film look as realistic as possible.

The film was an overwhelming success at the box office and has become one of those rare instant classics. The lovable robotic characters are brought to life with almost no actual speech; they communicate mostly using body language and robotic sounds. This strangely makes them more believable and easier to identify with. Subtle messages about corporate domination and pollution throughout this film make their point well and in no way detract from the film. The animation and visual effects are superb and some say the best so far from Pixar.

To make robots autonomous they must be given artificial intelligence and with it comes personality, WALL-E has this in bucket loads. He is sentimental and caring as he goes about his job as the last robot cleaning up the Earth. When EVE turns up to monitor Earth for life he falls in robot love and follows her back to the mother ship which has the last of humanity aboad, now turned into blimps due to under activity and pampering.

Cinema release 2008

Certificate U

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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