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There’s Something About Mary

14:47 Fri 23rd Jul 2010 |

There’s Something About Mary is a darkly funny romantic comedy.  Directed by the Farrelly brothers the film has an all star cast including Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon and Lee Evans. After the apparent failure of their previous film Kingpin the Farrelly Brothers decided to make this one their last, fortunately it was a hit and they are still going strong.

The film was a huge box office hit and without a doubt catapulted Diaz and Stiller into stardom. Critics and audiences loved this left field black comedy especially the quirky situational humour. the chemistry between Diaz and Stiller is palpable and the audience is really rooting for them to get their act together and kiss right to the end of the film.

Despite the many gags and slapstick humour the film also has a heart and this is another reason why the film was a hit. Everyone can relate to one or more of the characters; the shy young man who has never really grown out of his geeky high school phase, the naive but funny girl next door who blossoms into a stunner, and all the jealous ex boyfriends and want to be boyfriends.

At 16 Ted finally takes the girl of his dreams on a date only to have it ruined by an unfortunate zip incident. Years later the two meet up again but can they wade through the ex’s, plot complications and jokes to find love?

Cinema release 1998

Certificate 18

Available on DVD and Blue Ray

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