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Caribeing | 13:07 Sat 14th Mar 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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Anyone watch the show, I wanted to see who won Strictly which was well deserved for Cassidy stayed tuned for a while but had the misfortunate to see David Walliams Davina Mc Call shouty as usual what a turn off, didn't watch any more as later it was Sarah Millican, Russell Brand. Watched Corrie and Bear Grylls


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Well I saw the Mr Bean and Vicar of Dibley sketches both were about as funny as toothache!
13:23 Sat 14th Mar 2015
Nope, sorry, I steer well clear of the whole evening, I can't stand it.
Nope, switched telly and lappy off and read a book instead.
i suspect that the age demographic of this site is a good deal higher than that of comic relief's target audience.
Well I saw the Mr Bean and Vicar of Dibley sketches both were about as funny as toothache!

Avoided like the plague!
Watched some old episodes of A fine romance on youtube.
Such helpful answers!!

I didn't watch it as I had friends round. Otherwise I would have
I started to watch it and gave up after the James Bond sketch, absolutely rubbish, written by a 10 year old, if that is British comedy then God help us !
I watched quite a bit of it but I did find it a bit boring and not as good as some of the previous years. I hadn't been watching the strictly shows so didn't know what was going on with that

Couldn't be bothered to ring and donate last night so donated online this morning. The end total last night was amazing :o)

///Such helpful answers!!///

Can't help but wonder why you said that, the only question in the OP was
//Anyone watch the show// which being a Closed Question could have been answered with a Yes or No!
Yes, I saw the lovely Cassidy win Strictly and I was delighted. I liked the David Walliams sketch with Stephen Hawking (what a sport) and also an old sketch they showed of Daniel Craig with Catherine Tate which I thought was good, BUT other than that, not too keen !!
was there a bakeoff on?
Don't know woof ..
It was on BBC2 woofy.
thanks Robinia will look on iplayer

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