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Great British Bake-Off (Tuesday 9th Oct)

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AB Editor | 16:16 Mon 08th Oct 2012 | Film, Media & TV
39 Answers

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  • John - 13 votes
  • 38%
  • Danny - 10 votes
  • 29%
  • James - 8 votes
  • 24%
  • Brendan - 3 votes
  • 9%

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I think the only time I have ever watched the Great British Bake Off was last week ... with Cat Dresser ... when she got booted off.

I loved Cat because ...

(1) she's our Sussex girl, and she's become a bit of a local celeb ... she lives up the road, in Pease Pottage.

(2) on the episode of GBBO that I saw, she was just SO useless ... a complete failcake ......
20:47 Mon 08th Oct 2012
Whilst I don't wish to criticise, you must have nothing better to do if you came on this thread just to let us know that.
Whilst I don't wish to criticise, you must have nothing better to do if you stand there all day baking stuff when you could just go and buy a cake from a shop.
Well said, Octavius. And there are 9 million others who would agree with you.
In all honesty Jayne, I thought that about the chocolate tea cakes last week. I scoffed 3 packets in the time it took them to melt the chocolate.
Nine million?

Crikey. Maybe I should watch it some more. I've only ever seen it that one time.
Octavius ...

Cat's chocolate tea cakes ... classic ... all the chocolate stuck to the inside of the mould, and the marshmallow went runny. It was SUCH a fail.

She must have been working from the JJ Cookbook, LOL
I think they all deserve medals! Even if I had half their baking skills I'd need a shed load of valium and a case of vodka just to steady my nerves!
No, all you need is a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer. I saw one in John Lewis for £799 yesterday.

Thats a lot of cake.
Question Author
Will there be live commentary by anyone here this evening? 8pm kick-off.
vodkancoke - please can I come with you when you meet Paul! He's gorgeous.
Lol of course Tizzi. I will take a piccy for you. x
Not live but the right decision I think. I was suprised though, I was sure Danny was going to be in the final but she had a 'mare! I didn't think the bike was that good actually, :-/
i never realised brendan was "local" one of the reporters has been to interview him and brought back his apple pie. i can confirm its ab bloody amazing and i now like brendan

although not if i see him or his smug face

poor danni had a nightmare, she had to go but i thought she's be in the final as well
Question Author
" I didn't think the bike was that good actually."

No, it wasn't - but it looked like the cake part would taste amazing,
Brendan's smug smile is getting to be rather a wry one now ......... I think he's not quite as confident.
I'm so jealous you got to try that Fluffs, I could really do with some warm and comforting apple pie.

I would like some cake.
well i did think of you when i was eating it

does that help?
No massively.
I reckon brendans go it

21 to 39 of 39rss feed

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Great British Bake-Off (Tuesday 9th Oct)

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