Criminal Damage First Offence

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LSJH123 | 02:03 Fri 07th Jan 2011 | Criminal
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My boyfriend was extremely drunk so we ordered taxi, we only had so much on us as the rest of the money was inside the house we asked the driver if that was okay and he refused and said he wanted so much upfront, so we asked if we could give him what we had on us and our mobiles till we got home he still refused, we asked him to take us bank to get the money, he refused. he then started kicking off and puching my boyfriend out the taxi, my bf then got out and smashed his back lights as he was angry and also drunk (which i know is not a good excuse..) the police are now involved. what is likely to happen, this is his first offence and has never had a caution?


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i will do, i just hope if he does get a fine it is not a big amount lol :-)
02:22 Fri 07th Jan 2011
How did the taxi driver manage to punch your BF out of the taxi?

Why hasn't your BF brought charges against him?
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i meant to put push, spelling error.
the taxi driver unclipped my boyfriend seat belt and was pushing him out as my boyfriend was questioning why he wouldnt take us home

I would say worse case scenario he'll get a fine...
Push the fact that the Taxi drivger became abusive and aggressive and I'd agree with Ummm ( *waves*), I would imagine a fine.
:-)) x
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i will do, i just hope if he does get a fine it is not a big amount lol :-)
I owned a chauffeur company for 12 years and I did plenty of taxi work before then. It is entirely the decision of a taxi or private hire driver whether they choose to convey a particular customer or not and that is their right. I always refused to have anyone in the car who was noticeably under the influence of alcohol and I always politely told them they would have to call another firm. That was my choice and I had every right to refuse to take someone.

You seem to think you had a right to be conveyed in the taxi LSJH123. If the taxi driver refused to have you in the car that was his right to make that decision. He obviously felt that you or your boyfriend were under the influence of alcohol and he didn't want you in the car. Perhaps he felt he would have trouble - and it seems he did.

The taxi driver had every right to remove you and your boyfriend from the taxi and your boyfriend had no right to damage the vehicle. Your boyfriend has no real defence I'm afraid and he'll be dealt with accordingly.
Personally I think that the taxi driver was very tolerant.
You get in drunk (and maybe are at risk of vomitting in his cab).
You then make it clear you haven't got sufficient money to pay him.
You then want him to run around and find a cash machine(from which he may have you could easily have done a bunk)
What would he want with your mobiles?
I am sorry but when alcohol is in, good judgement flies out of the window,and now your b/f will have to take the consequences!
Best to wait and see what action, if any, the police decide to take.
You will probably get a Penalty Notice for Disorder costing you £80.

I doubt you will be charged

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Criminal Damage First Offence

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