Staying Happy At Work

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

We all sometimes find ourselves not enjoying work. Sometimes this is because we are having trouble at work with certain colleagues or we do not feel appreciated – maybe it is time to move on and try something new. It might of course, just be the time of year or something in your personal life which is getting you down – to stop this affecting work in a negative way here are a few tips for staying happy at work.

Positive Thinking

Focus on the things you like most about your job and attempt to fill your day with these activities. By this it is meant that you should try and do these activities as much as possible, not stretch out your current amount of these activities.

Find Challenges

One reason we get restless in our jobs is because we are not presented fresh challenges every day – this creates boredom. Sometimes this is unavoidable but one way to fight against it is to hunt down more challenging work within your role. Offering to mentor new staff or to shadow someone else in the business – discussing this with your manager will hopefully give you more challenges as well as showing yourself to be keen to rise in the company.

Flexible Working

Discussing working from home once a week can cut down your carbon footprint and will allow you a little more variety in your working life. You will need to prove your output; so long discussions with your manager might be a good idea.


Training is a key way to cure a working malaise – approach your manager and find out what training and education deals they can offer. Often the company will see it as an investment and will offer funding.


If your job is not one where you meet people regularly it might be a good idea to incorporate it somehow. Networking allows you to gain fresh perspectives and keep yourself from becoming uninterested in your work. Organising a team outing can be a great way to achieve this.

Have Fun!

Leading on from the last tip; try and make your working environment one where you can have fun. This doesn’t mean practical jokes or hide and seek. It is generally best to keep the “fun,” outside the office – this doesn’t mean the banter can’t though. While your colleges are unlikely to be best friends you should be able to enjoy their company.

Equally improve your social life and your work life should follow!

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