A Girls Guide To Escaping The Dole Queue

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

As we women spend most of our lives shopping we are used to long queues, but the dole queue is one line we don’t want to be frittering our time away in. Unemployment is a huge worry in the UK, as a direct result of the recession, with the number of people claiming the dole at around 1.16 million – including a disproportionate number of women joining the dole queue.

To queue or not to queue?

Even minister’s fear that employers will cut female staff much more readily than male workers as the downturn accelerates. The fear that women will face the brunt of the credit crunch is becoming more and more real as the number of women unemployed increases.

Many aspects are considered in employment, but being married isn’t an obvious ‘skill’ to possess in order to get a job. Recent studies have revealed that married men are 33% more likely to find a job after being made redundant than those who are single or divorced.

Statistics have forecasted that unemployment will hit two million by Christmas, as the lead up to the festive season doesn’t have the same financial input that was apparent before the recession hit. Also with so many people losing their jobs and not being able to spend as much on Christmas presents, there is worry that small companies won’t be able to stay afloat – meaning more job losses.

The age group that is suffering the worse for unemployment is 18-24 yr olds. In a bid to tackle this on-going problem, some 47,000 ‘socially useful’ jobs will be created, in the areas of tree planters, museum guides, cooks and furniture restorers.

Britain tops the charts, but not in a good way – we have the highest number of people who are jobless. But stark figures just released by the European Union already show that unemployment among the under-25s has risen more quickly in Britain than in any country apart from Spain.

Money Talks:

With so many youngsters are finishing school, heading to university, getting qualified then not being able to get a job there is . Going to university isn’t cheap, so with debts to pay plus the cost of living it’s no wonder the younger generation are getting hit harder and having to join the dole queue. The number of jobless university leavers is due to top 100,000 in the coming weeks.

Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper, who will announce on Wednesday the creation of 30,000 new jobs for the young, said: 'We know many young people are still finding it tough to get work, which is why investing in more apprenticeships, education and youth jobs is so important.

The government is becoming increasingly alarmed that many women are losing their jobs compared to men as the recession bites. There is mounting alarm over recent figures suggesting twice as many women are being made redundant as men in some parts of the country.

Theresa May, Conservative work spokesperson has voiced the opinion that ‘We desperately need to get Britain working again and make sure that a generation isn’t scarred by the recession."



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