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What is End of Tenancy Cleaning and Why is it Important?

15:29 Tue 08th Jun 2021 |

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Citi Clean.


What is an End of Tenancy Cleaning?


For most of you who haven’t heard of end of tenancy cleaning, this is a service that is normally performed at the end of your tenancy. It’s a professional cleaning service which will ensure that the property will be sparkle clean for the next occupants. An end of tenancy cleaning is normally obligatory and it will be mentioned in your tenancy agreement. You can search for this cleaning service and you will see that an end of tenancy cleaning is quite famous cleaning service and that you have a good selection of reputable companies to choose from. One such cleaning company is Citi Clean. The company has been successfully delivering end of tenancy cleaning in London for nearly a decade and have accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in this field.


Please also note that you may need professional carpet steam cleaning not just vacuuming of the carpets. Ensure that if applicable carpet cleaning service is booked as you might be asked if you have done it by the landlord or estate agent when you handover the property. Please also note that the end of tenancy cleaning service will include thorough cleaning of all rooms in the property such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge, hallway and stairs. If you opt to doing the end of tenancy cleaning yourself, ensure that you are familiar with how to clean each room in the property and what needs to be done. You would also need to know which cleaning products to use since they are many different cleaning products on the market and not all of them would do a good job.


End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices


You might be surprised to find out that the end of tenancy cleaning prices are much higher in comparison to other cleaning services such as domestic or regular cleaning. This is because it’s much more in-depth service that would require a thorough cleaning of the property including the kitchen appliances, bathroom tiles, toilet, bedrooms, internal windows etc.


Further, the overall cost for the service normally includes cleaning materials and equipment, parking and congestion charge fees. Please note that typically for a one bedroom flat you would be looking to spend between £120 to £150 and if you need additional services such as carpet and upholstery steam cleaning this will increase the price above £200. This is only for a one bedroom flat. Of course, for larger properties the cost will be different and will involve more cleaners to clean.


Why do I have to do it?


You need to do an End of Tenancy Cleaning because is generally a compulsory requirement when you move out from your rented property. As you can imagine, many tenants in London do not look after their rented premises and an end of tenancy cleaning will ensure that at least you will prepare the property for the next tenant. Further, your landlord will be very insistent on using a professional end of tenancy cleaners near me as they are aware that tenants will not clean the property well enough. Save yourself the trouble and hire professional end of tenancy cleaning company such as Citi Clean that’s been operating in London for more than a decade.  

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