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TrustMark Sends Cowboy Builders To OK Corral

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Many of us can do simple DIY jobs from changing a light bulb to unblocking the sink and even putting up a shelf. However, for more ambitious jobs obviously we would have to ‘get a man in’.

It is true to say that most of us would prefer to rely heavily on word of mouth when it comes to getting a handyman in. We talk to our neighbours, friends and relations and would not think twice about hiring a firm whom someone we know has recommended. Even so how can we be sure the firm will do a good job and not charge over the odds?

Dodgy builders are among one of the most familiar of modern bogeymen, alongside over-zealous parking attendants and Nigerian email fraudsters.
Many homeowners dread the day when they are forced to call in builders, only to find that they are busy, and will be there the next day, and the next day, and the next, etc.

And once they do arrive, poor work by cowboys has reduced one in five householders to tears and costs the country £1.5 billion annually - much of that coming from long home insurance claims.

But now the government has launched the TrustMark scheme, designed to reassure homeowners that they know what they are getting when they need work done.

The fact that nine out of ten people say that they dread hiring tradesman demonstrates how much the scheme is clearly needed.

"Consumers are already better protected because of the way that TrustMark has raised standards among trade organisations and their member firms, and the building industry is getting a much-needed boost to its reputation," said TrustMark chairman.

"TrustMark is a single logo to look out for; whatever work you need doing in your home or garden, and it engenders trust because it is backed by government-endorsed standards."

This will also help the ailing building industry by giving reputable builders more confidence to go out and get work without having the stigma of the ‘cowboy’ being attached.

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