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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for a Retirement Home

14:58 Thu 18th Feb 2021 |
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Designing retirement homes may need more thought and effort. You will need to consider the needs of people in their golden years. For seniors, outdoor time is crucial. As such, you will also want to consider outdoor designs for retirement homes. When decorating, you'll want to prioritize safety above all else. Adding low-maintenance materials or decorations can also be helpful. Lastly, you'll also want to encourage seniors to spend time outdoors. With that said, here are some of the things you can add to a retirement home to make it more beautiful and enjoyable.

Build an Outdoor Seating Area

Seniors are encouraged to spend some time outdoors. Any physical activity, such as a short walk or some outdoor recreation, can do wonders to seniors' health. But they can be tired easily from doing all these things. So they'll need seating areas where they can sit back and take a break from what they are doing.

Some can also use these seats to relax and breath fresh air and take in sunlight. Building an outdoor deck can be beneficial for this purpose. Not can it provide space for relaxation, but it can also create time for social interactions. However, you will need to consider the materials you will be using. Not only should it be safe, but your choice should also be low-maintenance. One option is flooring with composite decking boards, which are safe and easy to maintain.

Start A Garden

Not only can it make the retirement home more beautiful, but gardening can also be an excellent hobby for seniors. It can encourage outdoor time and can become a light physical outdoor activity. Many studies also show that surrounding yourself with nature reduces stress levels and aids with relaxation. If you decide to grow a nutritional garden, seniors will also benefit from having home-grown produce. Flower arranging is also a popular hobby.

With that said, maintaining gardens can be difficult. So when choosing which plants and flowers to grow, make sure to go with low-maintenance options. You can also consider building a shed to store supplies, so residents wouldn't have to walk far from the garden. Building low-hanging shelves and using safer equipment should also be a priority.

Set Up Some Outdoor Games

An excellent way to decorate an empty outdoor area while benefiting seniors is by adding a few games and outdoor activities they can enjoy. For instance, garden croquet is one of the most enjoyed outdoor activities in the UK. All you need is an open field with a grassy area. If there's none, you can also make use of outdoor carpets and fake grass.

Aside from croquet, there are plenty more games to choose from, from outdoor chess, card games, minigolf, to horseshoes. Any activity that encourages outdoor time and social interaction are always beneficial. With that said, you will still want to maintain a safe environment, especially when these games involve some physical activity.

Set Up Some Lighting

Most seniors will have decreased eyesight and will no longer see clearly. Because of this, you'll want to set up sufficient lighting to aid their outdoor time. The places where seniors go or do activities should be well-lit. Walkways, steps, and outdoor sitting areas will require enough light for residents to enjoy. Some seniors also like to take walks after the sun sets, making it more crucial to add adequate lighting.

With that said, you will still need to choose how much light to install. Too much, and it can be glaring. Some seniors are photosensitive, and too much light can be detrimental. If possible, you can also install easy to access light switches when they need to turn on and off the lights.

Add Some Visual Cues

Seniors have trouble remembering things. But the decorations you set up can help them aid in recognizing things. Naturally, signages will help them remind things. However, bright and attention-catching decorations can also help them to become more attentive. For instance, you can use lights or brightly-coloured tapes to mark steps and elevations.

Visual cues can also help seniors to gain familiarity with the environment. They can be a visual reminder for seniors to identify and encourage daily routines. They can also easily find their way in and out of the house when they distinguish familiar objects. Besides signages, you can use colourful flowers, ornaments, and unique sculptures.

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