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01:00 Tue 30th Jan 2001 |

By Tom Gard

NEED help to save a flagging plant or some practical advice on where to find the right builder for the job

This is where can come to the rescue. Our Home and Gardens channel is where you can post a question and get some answers. Scores of people have already taken advantage of this unique resource, so we thought we'd have a look at some of the best - and worst - questions and answers so far.

The award for the most comprehensive answer goes to dipruk for his reply to E McDonald's question on using old turf to raise a lawn. Quite literally no stone was left unturned as dipruk described step by step the path to a perfect lawn. It would have graced the pages of any glossy gardening magazine. Click here to read this answer.

Due perhaps to the passing of the recent festive season, Wayside 2000 wanted a sure-fire method of cleaning the inside of a crystal decanter, to get to the parts the washing up brush can't reach. This appeal brought two very different, but equally ingenious answers.

Tonylia's formula involved filling the decanter with rice and a solution of washing up liquid, vinegar and water and shaking for 15 minutes, whereas elliotg's preferred method was an overnight soak in a mix of water and - of all things - denture cleaner. Whichever solution Wayside 2000 chose we're confident his decanter is now sparkling. Read all the replies here.

On a serious note, fred stow needed guidance on where to report finding a flatworm in his garden. Flatworms are alien invaders, eating our own earthworms and doing our soil no good at all. Thanks go to snick for supplying the name, address and telephone number of the scientist who is monitoring their spread across the British Isles. Read the reply here.

Homer asked for some help with a compost bin which was producing an unappealing black mush rather than appetising plant food. Cindy came up with the answer, which involved turning and introducing worms, and Homer's garden should reap the benefits in the near future. See the answer here.

Finally, AlfRobinson's wanted to know how to clean the inside of the oven. Compo cleared that one up without too many problems, suggesting a trip to the supermarket to buy a can of oven cleaner. At least Alf is showing willing.

If you've got a question on anything around the home or garden click here and the answer should soon be winging your way.

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