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Creating Expectations: Using Door Handles, Door Fixtures and Door Furniture To Impress

11:45 Thu 17th Jun 2010 |

 When a guest comes to your home the first thing they're likely to look at with any scrutiny is your front door. More directly, beyond the door and it's general surrounding the handle, fixtures and knocker (is applicable) are the first thing your guest is likely to interact with. With this in mind it makes sense to take some time and care over making sure the first impression you make is a good one.

The first thing you should do is assess your home - what kind of house is it? Does it fit in a certain style or period? Or is it a blank canvas for you to make your mark on? Once you've decided you need to find a good supplier. It is always best to go with a smaller company with years of experience, like Roy Allen Supplies, over large chains as ultimately these larger stores will leave you dissatisfied.

If your home sits within a certain style or period you already have a handy guide as to what works. For example if your home has a stately feel about it there might be cause for some antique bronze door handles. This kind of door handle can give the impression of age and, for lack of a better word, class. Bronze or brass door fixtures tend to work best in an interior setting with darker wood and patterned wall-paper. If you're attempting to express a sense of luxuriance this may be a wise choice.

Black iron door fixtures and handles work best for "cottage" style homes. If you have a thatched roof you can make a safe bet that black iron fittings will suit your home, especially the exterior. The rough, beaten feel can give a reassuring, solid, rustic feel to your home, especially when used in window-latches and door hinges.

Newer homes tend to leave you with a blank canvas when it comes to improving the look and feel with fixtures. If you have a fairly modern home you may wish to consider a sleek chrome door handle to give a clean focus point for any sparse or minimalist design. Equally if you simple want the longest last and hardest wearing door handles and door fixtures you may be best considering everbright door handles

Whatever kind of door furnitures and fittings you decide on make sure they run through the whole of your house, or if they do change style, make sure the change seems a logical one. With careful planning and consideration you can make the perfect impression with your home.

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