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The AnswerBank's Favourite Retro Sweets - Is Yours In The Top Five?

11:07 Mon 08th Nov 2021 |
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In summer 2021, we asked The AnswerBankers what their favourite retro sweets are. While a lot of members didn’t have a favourite and others had favourites that weren’t on our suggested list, there were some clear winners! The members who couldn’t select their favourite commented what their favourite would have been, and whilst there wasn’t a general consensus on the “other” sweets, it’s clear that sherbet and toffee are both very popular.

Here are the top five retro sweets as voted for by AnswerBank members.

1. Black Jacks

Top of the AnswerBankers’ favourite retro sweets is the classic Black Jack. Black Jacks are aniseed-flavour chewy black rectangles with quite a unique taste. Famous for turning your tongue black, the Black Jack is truly a classic British sweet. Aniseed is a flavour that you like or loathe, a bit like Marmite!

2. Flying Saucer

Second up we have the classic Flying Saucer! Also known as the UFO sweet. The Flying Saucer is a wafer-thin spheroidal capsule enclosing delicious sherbet. Known for its multi-coloured wafers, the Flying Saucer is a tuck shop favourite. Fizzy fruity sherbet encapsulated within a colourful wafer shell - no wonder they’re a second favourite!

3. Fruit Salad

Next, we have the Fruit Salad. This chewy square is one of the more popular retro sweets. In an iconic pink and yellow packaging, the Fruit Salad is now both gelatine and gluten-free. Fruit Salads are the counterpart to Black Jacks. Similar in style, the Fruit Salad is much sweeter with an unmistakable raspberry and pineapple flavour. We’re not surprised they made the top 5!

4. Pink Shrimps

The penultimate sweet in the list is Pink Shrimps! Pink foam shrimps are a true classic. These raspberry flavour soft chews have caused controversy - do you let them melt on your tongue or do you chew them? No other Pink Shrimp can compete with the Barratts pink shrimp. Will you take a trip down memory lane with a chewy crustacean?

5. Rhubarb and Custard

Finally, we have the Rhubarb and Custard. Coming fifth on the list, we’re surprised. The rhubarb, tasting fresh with hints of sharpness, perfectly balanced by the creamy custard is a true staple. Boiled sweets date way back, and the Rhubarb and Custard has survived the test of time. Not to be overlooked, the Rhubarb and Custard taste is achieved with no artificial colours or flavours. At least it made the top 5 list.

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