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My Mum Says I'm From The Devil

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Treacle71 | 17:38 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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About 8 years ago I killed off my mum's dearly beloved apple tree I planted about 25 years ago. There's only me and mum, and I decided to do it because the apple tree was growing out of hand and growing into next door's property. I agree, it was a beautiful tree, but it's was growing like wildfire. Also, a few weeks ago, I decided to put salt all around the small lawn we have to die off some grass and to make a pretty border and reduce the large grass space I have mow. My mum said I didn't ask her permission as I just went ahead and did it! Again, I can't physically manage a garden alone and have to make it more manageable and easier to cut the grass when the time comes. Also, this morning, like I do nearly every Sunday morning, I took the hoover downstairs and she said she was watching a programme. I said 'That's OK. I'll close this door and hoover the hall first', then she flew into one and said I'm controlling and selfish and I'm from the Devil. She said it's Easter Sunday and she wanted to watch a service on the telly. I said I was sorry but I just wanted to get the hoovering out the way and could she pause it? I just keep doing everything wrong in her eyes. There's only me to do maintenance round here as her back's gone, etc. Then the, 'No wonder you're on your own. Who'll have you'? comes into play. I've bought 3 little apple trees to replace the one I killed off, even though they never grew and died. I try hard to upkeep the home, but only to ruin everything it all in the name of trying to keep up an orderly home. She said, ' I don't know what I've brought into this world' (meaning me).

Like I said there's only me to clean, do the garden and anything else round here; unless it's a massive task of course and we get council help. Why do I keep putting my foot in it? 😭 Once my mind's set on something I'm like a bull in a china shop and never consult my mum.



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I totally feel for you, my mother was the same, i bent over backwards for her in every way, always wanting her approval (thinking back i dont know why) but i never got it.Feel free to come on here and rantΒ  i wish i had at the time.But the constant put downs and criticism makes it feel like its YOU.I now known that, i wish i had been stronger at the time.
23:37 Sun 31st Mar 2024

I typed this answer yesterday and it got lost (kitten on keyboard) but as you are getting lots of positive support I will repeat the one thing I did say - you were in the wrong for insisting on hoovering and making a noise while she wanted to watch an Easter service on Easter Sunday. You should have waited an hour, it would have infuriated me too and was unnecessary..

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I'd like to thank each and every comment on here xx

If the branches were growing over your boundary and onto your neighbour, it would have to be felled back anyway. 

Then there's the problem with roots. The roots can extend under ground and ruin properties by under mining the foundations. 

So you done the right thing. Apple trees are meant to be in a field or orchards. 

Question Author

Thank you, renegadefm.  Perfectly put!  Can you come round and explain what you said to my mum?  πŸ˜‰


//Apple trees are meant to be in a field or orchards. //

You need to tell the thousands upon thousands of people who have apple trees in their gardens then.

Your mum says that you're from the devil ? Is that a confession that she took Satan to her bed ? 😁


Find a mirror and check for horns and a pointy tail. πŸ˜‰

Oh, and, yeah, you ought to clear any major changes with the owner first, but that's probably obvious now.

Awe keep going at least your trying.

I sometimes wish I had such a shallow existance...

//Awe keep going at least your trying.//

Very trying!


I could pop round, but it's probably easier if you show her my post πŸ‘

renegadefm, it is not owned by Treacle but by her mother - so in that aspect she had no right to cut down the tree or change the garden without her mothers permission. 


She should have at the very least called in a professional and taken their advice. Both she and her mum are ott in their reactions. 

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Treacle - out of interest do you pay your mum keep to live there?

I disagree with the others - your mum sounds like a right witch.

Also, i think the house is both of yours, right?

Question Author

Hi bednobs.  My mum owns it, but it'll come to me in the end.

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My Mum Says I'm From The Devil

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