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Pampers is one of the world’s top selling brand of nappies. The brand has introduced such product features as re-sealable tabs and high stretch which creates convenience, comfort and value. As well as an extensive range of disposable nappies Pampers also produce wipes, gender specific nappies, training pants and bed ...15:08 Fri 16th Jul 2010


Ribena is one of the leading brands of juice drink in the world. The original blackcurrant flavour is still the most popular but the drink also comes in other flavours such as strawberry, apple, orange and lighter versions. The drinks are produced in the iconic squash cordial and also as ready to drink bottles and cart...14:08 Fri 16th Jul 2010


Persil is one of the top laundry brands in the UK. Through innovation and research Persil has lead the way in the washing detergent industry. Some of their products include a powder, liquigel, "Small and Mighty" highly concentrated liquid detergent, liquid capsules and tablets. It is sold in biological, non-biological ...13:08 Fri 16th Jul 2010

Children’s Films

What makes a good children’s film Is it the funny characters or it could be the plot that closely follows favourite stories Or is it the special effects and animation which allows the imagination to take flight Who knows all of these things and more Certainly if filmmakers knew then they would be laughing all the ...16:37 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Finding Nemo WidgetsFinding Nemo is a fantasy action adventure film. Directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, a winning combination who also worked on Monsters Inc together, the film is partly a buddy movie and partly a coming of age story cleverly interlinked with a liberal spread of humour and a hint of tragedy....16:07 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Outnumbered WidgetsOutnumbered is a BAFTA award winning British comedy. The show is based around the daily trials and tribulations of a normal suburban family. The two parents are ably played by Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner (Sue and Pete Brockman), but it is the three children Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey), Ben (Daniel ...14:07 Wed 30th Jun 2010

The Inbetweeners Widgets The Inbetweeners is undoubtedly one of the best comedy's out there. Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris the show is the story about a group of teenage friends struggling through sixth form at school. Relive all the worst moments from childhood including school disco, dinners, uniforms and so...12:37 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Nanny McPhee Widgets Nanny McPhee is one of the best loved children’s characters in recent years. There are two films both with the brilliant Emma Thompson in the starring role. Supporting Emma are some well known actors such as Colin Firth, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Angela Lansbury, Imelda Staunton and Ralph Fiennes.Both...12:37 Wed 30th Jun 2010

Toy Story WidgetsToy Story is the ultimate family feel good movie. The first in the Toy Story series was a ground breaking film for Disney as it was the first feature film released to use only CGI. To bring weight to the film an all star cast was introduced including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger and Don...17:34 Mon 28th Jun 2010

Where The Wild Things Are WidgetsWhere The Wild Things Are is a fantasy drama film. It was directed by Spike Jonze and adapted from Maurice Sendak's 1963 children's book of the same name. The film stars Max Records as the young child, and features the voices of James Gandolfini, Paul Dano, Lauren Ambrose, and Forest Whitaker.The ...14:04 Mon 28th Jun 2010


Meccano is an iconic global toy brand. It is more than just a toy; it is educational, teaching basic mechanical principles like levers and gearing. Some of the more famous brands made by Meccano include SPYKEE and ERECTOR. The system is so versatile that even pre-school children can construct using Meccano.Originally c...16:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Lego is one of the world’s most famous toy brands. The company's flagship product, Lego, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, mini-figures and various other parts. In the hands of children, the products inspire the unique form of LEGO play that is fun, creative, engagi...16:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Hornby is a leading brand of model railway in the UK. Hornby are famous for their Thomas the Tank engine and Friends range that includes Henry, James, Percy, Edward and of course Thomas. The company also produces freight rolling stock, passenger coaches, track, power systems and buildings to complete the model railway ...16:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Fairy is a brand long associated with quality and luxury. It is one of the leading brands of detergent in the UK. Some of the products in its line up are washing-up liquid, dishwashing tablets, washing powder and fabric conditioner. Its Non-Bio formula is advertised as gentle enough even for the soft skin of babies.For...15:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Disney is one of the most famous and iconic brands in history. For more than 80 years the Disney Company has brought happiness to people everywhere with their animated films and cartoons, full feature films and merchandising. They have brought to the world such memorable characters as the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Tinke...15:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Fisher-Price is one of the top 10 most recognised brands in the world. The most well known brands associated with Fisher-Price include Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob Squarepants, Barney and Sesame Street. The company also manufactures baby goods such as monitors, booster seats, bouncers, high chairs and buggies. Fisher-P...15:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Nintendo is one of the top brands in the electronic gaming industry. Makers of such world famous consoles as Gameboy, GameCube, Wii and Nintendo DS are a presence in almost every home in the UK. The company has introduced the world to some of its most iconic computer games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario and The Legen...15:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Kleenex is arguably the number one brand of facial tissue in the world and has become a genuine global icon. Kleenex is a brand name for a variety of toiletry paper based products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels, and nappies. Kleenex tissues are made by Kimberly-Clarke.The material from which Kleen...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Kingsmill is one of the top brands in baked goods. They have a delicious range of bread products including Great Everyday White, 50/50, Tasty Wholemeal, Little BIG Loaf, Love To Toast, Seeds & Oats, Gold Farmhouse, Crusts Away and Oatilicious. All their products are made with nutrition and health in mind and all pa...14:09 Wed 26th May 2010

How To Give Your Mum A Great Mother’s Day On A Budget

Mothering Sunday is just around the corner and what better way to treat mum than with a lovely gift that won't damage your bank balance but will earn you brownie points. Top tips for budget gifts: •    How about a bouquet of flowers from your own garden. Use a vase you have saved from a time when ...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

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