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Is Your Furniture Fit For Your Return To The Office?

12:33 Tue 31st Aug 2021 |

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While the coronavirus pandemic is still a huge global issue, in the UK many workplaces are adjusting to new ways of working, or returning back to the office either full-time or with a hybrid model in place. If you’re considering opening up the office again, now may be a good time to take stock of your work environment – is your office furniture fit for your employees’ return?

Is your office furniture worn out or damaged?

The first thing to consider is the age and state of your furniture. If you’ve had your office furniture for many years, it may be a little past its best. Check your desks for scuffs, scratches or even bigger damage. What about your chairs – they may look fine, but are they still comfortable or have the seats been worn down over the years? Uncomfortable chairs can lead to physical pain or injury, so it’s important that employees are comfortable while they work, with their backs and posture supported.

If you use drawers, cupboards or lockers, are they still functional? Do they still open smoothly, or have they sustained damage such as broken locks? These are all signs it may be time for some new office storage.

Is your office furniture outdated?

Many pieces of office furniture are timeless and will serve you for many years. But sometimes an office may have old, dated-looking furniture that suggests the whole office needs a makeover. If your furniture looks old-fashioned, this may not be the best way to represent your brand, especially if you have customers or clients visiting you. Plus, a modern, up to date office makes for a more pleasant work environment for staff.

You may also find that your office furniture is outdated in terms of what you need it for. Perhaps you set up the office years ago with a particular function in mind, but over the years this has changed. Has your workplace become more collaborative, requiring more breakout spaces or desks set up for collaboration? It may be worth asking colleagues how functional they think the space is or if there are changes you could make to improve functionality. Maybe you need more storage, or to rearrange the desks or bring in larger collaborative work spaces.

Does your office furniture match your brand?

Your furniture says a lot about your brand – if your desks are looking tatty, or your office is otherwise looking uncared for, does that send a message to your customers about the work you do, or to your employees about how invested you are in them having a useful and pleasant place to work? Add to this, if you are thinking of having a rebrand, or you’ve already had one but didn’t take your furniture into consideration, now may be a good time to consider whether your furniture matches that brand. Whether you consider your brand to be cutting edge, classic or contemporary, can you see your brand being visually represented in the office? What about brand colours?

If you decide it’s time for a refresh, you can find great office furniture at low prices at Furniture At Work. They offer everything from desks, chairs and lockers, to screens for social distancing – as well as home office furniture to get your employees set up properly at home.

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