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Get Your Team In Credit

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

There are few things more important in many people's lives than the exploits of their favourite football team. Despite the rising cost of tickets many people take to the stands every week to cheer their team. And nowadays with more and more commercialisation there are also copious amounts of merchandise available which can also take a big chunk of funds.

We hear on the news that many clubs claim they didn’t have enough money to buy the right players and that is why they failed to clinch the cup/match/points etc. Obviously clubs are talking millions of pounds, and of course this is beyond the means of the average man in the street. But what could he do to help support his club?

It seems that owning a credit card can be a simple and affordable way to help fund your preferred club. Many providers now offer cards linked to major football clubs, with a number of incentives for the holder.

Typical types of offers include:

•    Donations - Some offer to pay a small donation to the team every time a purchase is made, which can then be ploughed into improving the stadium or facilities for youth players.

•    Discounts - Others can offer discounts with their cards, for use in the football club shop, restaurants or museums.

•    Season Ticket - Some providers can combine the card with a season ticket, meaning a fan only needs to bring one piece of plastic to every match. This can then have benefits of the actual purchase of a yearly pass, offering a zero per cent rate on all interest.

On the downside, they could be seen as a gimmick with far less to offer than more standard options. Interest rates and other charges may be higher than standard credit cards. In addition, the credit card may not be readily accepted in the high street.

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