What can be covered in a family health plan?

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Although Britain offers free, state-funded healthcare to all of its inhabitants, some may find a private plan could suit them better.

Private cover offers peace of mind if you or your family needed medical care urgently. Things like physiotherapy, minor operations and dental care can all be covered on a private medical plan, making it essential if you cannot afford to wait for NHS help.

The UK has a number of firms that offer this service, which can lead to faster treatment for illnesses than if you were to use the NHS.

These companies often argue they offer cleaner, safer hospitals with shorter waiting list times and a more personalised service - many private hospitals are located out in the country where things are a little more peaceful, making for easy and comfortable recovery from operations.

Women expecting a baby may choose a plan to ensure they give birth in a private room rather than a ward, which can often make the expectant mother feel uneasy and stressed.

Dentistry could be another aspect covered in a policy – it can be difficult to find an NHS facility in some areas.

Some chronic or long-term ailments may not be included in a policy, however – many organisations seek to offer solutions to problems which respond to treatment quickly. Physiotherapy is one of the options these companies offer, as it works on rehabilitation and strengthening muscle around the injury.

Waiting lists for NHS physiotherapy can often be months long, but private practitioners will be able to see you almost immediately.

Each firm gives different services for different prices and some may allow the option of building a personalised plan which covers some areas and not others.

Some organisations offer treatment to their members' children at no extra cost, so if you have a family it could be worth checking the small print for this detail.

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