Im Going On A Diet And Need Help And Advice Please.

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RATTER15 | 09:51 Mon 14th Jan 2013 | Body & Soul
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Im 55 years old
im 5'11
im I currently weigh 14.8 stone = 93.8 Kg

I have never been big built but since I gave up smoking (50 a day) 8 years ago I have put on weight, I now have a good size "beer belly" I dont drink alcohol in any quantity of concern, literally a few pints a year.

Nearly all the males on my Fathers side and including my Father died in their 50s from heart attacks.

I admit to having a "very" large appetite that was never an issue until more recent years, I think my age combined with giving up smoking has now decided to pile on the pounds.

My problem is, realistically for me to reduce my weight I still need to eat reasonable portion sizes, I cant live on salad although I do like a bit of salad preferably with a lb of cheese with it or plenty of meat. I like Mexican type foods and Indian Curries along with most English foods.

Gym and routine exercising is never going to happen as I generally dont have the time or the inclination. I do however work a lot and fairly active. I would like to try interesting beans and pulses, I love all meats but not into strange concoctions made from fungus etc!

My good lady Carakeel is doing the diet with me, she is a great cook and I know will come up with great ideas but I need all the help I can get.

We very rarely eat processed convenience foods and I do love all meats.

what are your views on chicken, sweet potato, ordinary potato, pasta, beans and pulses, butters and spreads, types of bread?

all ideas welcomed!


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Our dive doctor recommends the best eating regime I’ve found. Only fruit before 12 noon, proper lunch and proper dinner, don’t mix carbs with protein in the same meal (better still not on the same day), eat little bread, and restrict cheese and butter to very rare occasions. That way you can, for example, have a whole chicken if you like, or a huge steak, or a...
10:38 Mon 14th Jan 2013
" A bit of salad with ONE POUND of cheese"

Seriously, best of luck.
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Eggs, we always have plenty of eggs!! :-)
Eat the same meals but smaller quantities and do some form of exercise.
Are you sure you love all meats?? :-)

Maybe cut down on your carbs.
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Pied Piper, Ok so I exaggerate, but you can see what I mean.
The only diet that worked for me was the Atkins Diet. I was losing 4 lbs/week....very achievable if you do some exercise at the same time. The thing is you don't have to starve yourself as you can eat as much fatty foods as you want including eggs, bacon, chips anything. The only stipulation is you have to lay off bread, cakes and carbohydrates.
How about trying Slimming World. I lost 3.5 stone with them and was rarely hungry. The routine of going each week to be weighed really helped me to stick to it. They were giving away vouchers in one of the mags, not sure which one now - Woman or Woman's Own I think. I would recommend Slimming World though.
Got a couple of recipies for sweet potato and garlic soup and/or chorizo and bean soup if you're interested? They're both pretty filling and neither feels particularly like 'diet' food, (well they're not actually I guess). Good thing about these soups is bread and butter doesn't go so well with them so you could have something like oat biscuits, croutons or just seedy ryvetas (I like these) for a bit of crunch.
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ummm carbs! isnt that the bit that control fuel supply in a car engine?

Yes I love all meat except crab.

Mrs. O, I wish it was that easy! :-(
Jeez china, what a grim avatar. Reminds me of my MIL
You don`t have to live on salads to be on a diet. I`ve just decided to do weightwatchers again but the old one (not the pro points which I found to be starvation rations). The first thing you can do is switch to skimmed milk or semi-skimmed if you don`t like skimmed. You can substitute fatty ingredients to low fat ingredients. For example, when I make mashed potato I use skim milk and a dollop of light mayo instead of butter. It`s still really creamy but with a lot less fat. I make chilli with turkey mince and bulk it out with mushrooms and red pepper chunks instead of just beans and shedloads of minced beef. I don`t think I could eat beef chilli now. I hardly ever eat red meat but if you like it, just get the lowest fat or you can switch to something like venison which is lower fat.
ratter, it worked for Michael Winner!
Would you still want large portions in one go or could you add in more healthy snacks so that you don't want so much to eat at a meal time?

Maybe introduce a healthy soup before a main meal for the same reason.

Go for lean cuts of meat and bulk up with veg, learn to stop when you are full.

Try adapting recipes you like to lower fat versions - curries and Mexican food can be loaded with fat so how it is cooked is important - maybe bulk up with beans and pulses or rice and salad in Mexican and cut down on things like cheese and meat.

When my gallbladder went infected I went on a low fat diet and was horrified checking labels in the shop and realising how much fat was in everything, especially things like cheese and ready meals (I know you don't eat the latter but similar with curries etc...). It helped me make better choices and after a while I didn't want to eat fattier stuff or larger portions, I've slipped a bit since the op but suffer for it and, to be honest, I still don't want a lot of the stuff I ate before.

I lost a load of weight, about 2 and a half stone, quite quickly too. Put some back on, partly due to lack of mobility and steroids, but the thought of eating some things now or large portions just makes me feel sick.

Do you eat cake, biscuits etc?
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I would love those recipes China, I dont do Ryvita lol, I would rather eat the box they came in.
i just downloaded to healthy eating app, there are some good recipes there. you can send off for it as well.

do you like fish?
You could try Slimming World. I joined 3 weeks ago and I've lost 8ibs! You will never feel hungry plus you're allowed 15 Syns a day that means you can save them for a treat. Plenty of meat,fish,fruit and veg are "Free" meaning as much as you want. Google it Ratter15. Good luck!
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Yes ummmm, I did but not from today :-(
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Fluff, I love fish, it is just soooo expensive!!

I work six late shifts a week so Im only around AM, not sure slimming world is my cup of tea or able to accommodate my shifts.
Im 55 years old
im 5'11
im I currently weigh 14.8 stone = 93.8 Kg

So what is the big deal?

I agree with all the posters that said eat the same but smaller amounts.

what you are seeking re. weight loss...isn't going to don't live the rest of your life with the rest of the "diet no hopers."

With you family history i would ask the Dr. to check you BP and blood for diabetes and ask his advice re. going on statins.

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