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AuntLydia | 11:21 Wed 28th Nov 2018 | Site Suggestions
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Dear Spare Editor,

It would be lovely to be able to have an edit button so posters can correct spelling mistakes or more pertinently auto-correct mistakes. Many forums work well with edit buttons, and it would stop the tedious correction posts which follow these mistakes.
This would make a perfect Christmas present for those of us who are so fired up to get our two penneth in, we do not take the time to proof read our answers.

Kind Regards

Aunt Lydia xxx


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Been pushing for this for years, same old irrelevant excuses get made.
12:14 Wed 28th Nov 2018
Or people could just stop correcting their posts lol, if i spell something wrong i'll email ed and she'll change it for me (angel face)
Question Author
Spath perhaps so, but then not all of us are famous blaggers are they? :-D
Question Author
oops *bloggers* see what I mean ;-)
This has been asked so many times. Doubtful it'll ever happen.
the term "pretty please" usually works for me. I've once ask'd the high priestess to edit what i actually said but got a blunt "No." in response.. however, she will change your to you're etc.. or fix spelling errors if highlighted to her
It would have to only available to the OP otherwise posts could be altered by anybody.
unless it showed an edit history, i think it's a good idea to be honest but then, debates could occur from an answer, then go on for a couple of pages then if the person edits their answer then the debate looks moot or spouted out of no where

maybe if there was a time limit to edit a post?
Question Author
An Edit function works on other forums and can show 'edited' in the post if needed . Its pure conjecture that a poster would change the whole context of their post through editing - I've never seen it happen on any forum or newsgroup I've been on, and it could easily be addressed through Site Rules
This site was full of trolls years back so I think that has something to do with it.

This laptop I'm using now, I don't know what I accidently hit but it takes out words. I know I've typed them because I've read it but when I submit words are missing.

A general typo though....I rarely notice. You know what someone is saying so the brain ignores the odd spelling mistake.
Been pushing for this for years, same old irrelevant excuses get made.
That's because you keep making typos, OG, which we wouldn't notice if you didn't correct them :-)
I'd notice. Sometimes far too late to even correct. But usually 1μs before the 'Answer Now' goes down.

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