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LoftyLottie | 12:53 Mon 14th Jan 2013 | Site Suggestions
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I hate this new idea. It's totally confusing to say the least.

Scrap it!! ;o)


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12:54 Mon 14th Jan 2013
I agree...maybe a facility to "click here for similar questions" but tagging them on to the end of the page is both messy and unhelpful.
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I agree too - even though I awknowledge its a well meaning gesture
If you cant scrap it how about making it smaller
To quote the Ed's words "The idea is great, the process for producing results is "dumb". We'll review after a week or so."

At the moment he is concentrating on outer space.:-)


I agree they are irrelevant and confusing
if only..
I agree too, fed up of paging down and looking at the old threads. Nearly replied to one dated 2007 the other day.
Not helpful at all. Waste of space. Sometimes the only link is the odd word from the current post buried deep in the link. Couldn't the space just be used for the current thread, 30 posts per page rather than 20?

Funny, there's no link on this thread??

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Linked Questions At The End Of Threads

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