Vodka Advert From Early 2000'S

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feelap | 12:21 Tue 17th Nov 2020 | Adverts
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Years ago there was an ad for vodka. A couple were at an opera show and the girl pretended to go into labour and got taken to a taxi where she took out the cushion under her top.......the couple started to laugh and there was this really funky piece of dance music at the end.....anybody know what the song is called and by which artist???


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Think this is the advert, but I don't recognise he track
- someone might

Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shouting according to the comments

Not enough of it for anyone to recognise it .IMO.
what music.....
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Stephen_G and Chinajan you guys are AMAZING. Thank you so much!!!

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Vodka Advert From Early 2000'S

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