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What is the point of Marking

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emmie | 16:26 Wed 13th Jul 2011 | Editor's Blog
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Best answer, do people get points or something?


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I wondered about that em, is it shown anywhere when people mark them?
16:28 Wed 13th Jul 2011
Question Author
LL, great choice, Mr Marvin Gaye, great voice
-- answer removed --
The following are FACT:

*get to 100, you get a tube of Smarties posted out to you.

*It registers on a little programme on the ab system.... at the end of the month its converted into points..... you can use your points to get pay 20 points and get someone suspended for doing absolutely nothing..... or if you get suspended yourself and you have 50 points you can get out of jail free..... theres other bonuses

*you redeem them at Sainsbury's

*When you get to 1000, you get an AB Platinum Card, which gives you an awful lot of advantages. You get life membership, you can't be reported or banned and you get an invite to the annual AB ball hosted by Spare Ed.

*Marking gives you feedback on how well you are doing. Your homework is marked to let you see if you have understood the classwork. Many sports/athletics events are also marked to reflect how well the contestant has done and to get a rank order of all contestants.

*And if you're really good and get the magical 10,000, the Ed comes to your house, personally serves you a g and t and does your housework. Naked

*It does absolutely nothing. there are plans for it to do something in the future, but currently it's just something you can click on to amuse your self.
Just some T & C's:

1. We take all the smarties out, suck the colour off them before posting.
2. The only participating Sainsbury's store is on Gurnsey, you'll have to go in on Tuesdays and ask for Gwen.
3. The G & T is made with Tanquay No.10
4. You don't want to know where the platinum card is kept when I deliver it.
5. It is also used for Bemusement as well as Amusement.
Ok I'll give up on the smarties and just go for the magical 10,000 it will be a better experience than the smarties as those can make you hyper...falling asleep might be better with my state of health <smirk>
*don't ban me Ed, I'm sure you're a very nice man (smiles sweetly)
Morning Spare

I am disappointed you didn't turn up when I reached the 10,000 points!!
I guess that points are deducted for an 'Answer Removed'. !!

Ed you hadn't put the T & C's up when I was posting, I withdraw my statement thanks and especially as you didn't turn up for Lottie, now that's just not playing the game! Do you think you ought to ban yourself for a week, hmm.
"4. You don't want to know where the platinum card is kept when I deliver it."

Please swipe your card in the slot?

Thought that was used for parking bicycles ;)
CF - perlease, not before the watershed or any other shed for that matter!
Ooooh Daisy, you are awful...................... but I like you ;o
Question Author
Ed think that was enough to put me off asking, but another site does it, don't know what they get, probably a thick ear for being clever.
That sounds good to me em10.

At 1000 points we send you a usb "ear thickener".
Ed.... Do pointless answers get a minus scoring.?

If so, can you tell me what my present total is. :-)


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What is the point of Marking

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