Tunisia. Is it ok to go?

Hi all
We are thinking of booking a holiday to Tunisia. With the recent problems, is it ok to go? Had anyone been recently?
Thank you
20:48 Thu 30th Jun 2011
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The Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against travel within 40km of the Libyan border but there are no travel restrictions currently in force for other parts of Libya, including the main tourist resorts:

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Brilliant. Thanks for that. I'll look somewhere else I think. Thanks again
sounds ok to go (Chris meant 'other parts of Tunisia', I expect). Skip Djerba in the south perhaps, but places like Sousse and Hammamet should be fine.
I did, indeed, mean that, Jno!
(And I hadn't touched a drop when I posted that!)
we're all getting old, Chris...
I wouldn't go!.......you'll be so harassed!.....that's what they do!....not a holiday!.........I hated it there!........
we never had much harassment problem, much less than Egypt anyway. If offered something we didn't want we just smiled and said 'No thanks.' They're poor, and they need to try to sell things to make a living; can't blame them for that.
Tunisia is a lovely country to visit. yes you do get a bit of a hussle from the local chidren really. But just say a firm no and do not take anything they offer you, flowers ect. they will want you to give them some money., I just walk around with my hands by my side and just keep walking, after a no thankyou. You go and enjoy it. they are so friendly. x

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