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Hi! When I try to make a call on any of our 3 (all different) landline phones I get an immediate engaged tone - even before I've tried to dial. I rent the line through Tiscali but they just give a tel. no. (not a freephone no.) to report it on (very sensible if the whole point is that you haven't got a working phone!!) and I have a Pay as you talk mobile so am reluctant to use it. Have e-mailed their general help contact but automated reply says they hope to call back in 24 hours!! I was just wondering if a) anyboy's come across this problem and has any bright ideas or
b) if anyone knows a more urgent e-mail address for reporting a fault to Tiscali?
Many thanks
10:35 Thu 13th Nov 2008
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unplug all your phones and any extension leads and then try calling your number, if you get a ringing tone then it's a problem inside your house and not a line fault. if that's the case then start plugging everything back in one by one to see what is causing the problem
could it be the tone which tells you you have a message, like on 1571 or something? it sounds quite like an engaged tone and as soon as you pick up the receiver until you clear the message
I've just re read the question, I thought it was when you made a call to your phones, but yes as it's a call from your phones it probably is the answer phone message pulsed dial tone your hearing.
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Hi! thanks both. It's definitely not a message tone - definitely an engaged tone. I can't phone in either - If I try to phone in from either another landline phone or my mobile I get a high-pitched tone made of a series of 3 beeps, each of the three beeps is higher than the last. It's a tone I've heard before (?number not recognised?). Not easy to explain over the net!! The tip about unplugging everything was helpful. I did that and then tried phoning in from my mobile and still had the same problem so am pretty sure it's a line fault. Thank you.
the joy of saving money - getting tisc out is going to be impossible ---

do you have a calling plan - diverts that sort of thing?

chuck is actually right - you need to prove it out of your house - the only way is to connect directly to the feed
de ja vue http://www.buzzhost.co.uk/nte5.php

if it still does it - it's out ... and you are going to have to report it faulty - if it's in - it's your wiring - you'll have to sort it

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