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My son had an ipod touch for his birthday, have installed itunes on the laptop and trying to sync it but it wont get past step 2 of 7 (which says backing up) there isn't much stuff on it but it has been at this stage for about an hour now-any clues where i am going wrong please, have done this before on other laptop with 3 other devices and no problem???
14:27 Thu 05th Jan 2012
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Can you restore the ipod via iTunes without it needing to be synced? Back up the contents first as restoring will erase everything.
Instead of backing everything up at once, trying backing up just photos or just one playlist. I am assuming that the iPod is authorised as one of your 5 iTunes devices.
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Thanks for those answers, how do I back up the stuff as thats what it says it is doing but not seeming to progress. It's the only ipod on there at the moment, do I need to do something to authorise it? Apologies for my lack of knowledge-am very technically challenged!!!

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