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My friend is 30 soon and for her birthday i wanted to get 30 things beginning with E (as thats her initial). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to get, the items can be as random as possible! I have already thought of Ear Muffs, Emery Boards, Eye Mask and am really struggling to think of others!!! Thanks.
14:23 Fri 10th Jul 2009
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Earrings, energy drink,
Question Author
lol that was so obvious why didnt i think of that hehehe
extra strong mints
elastic bands... actually, you could probably flick throught he dictionary!
egg timer
Egg noodles, Evening Primrose Oil.
Egg (cadburys creme)
Eye shadow
Eccles cake
Ecstasy pill (only joking!)
Eclair sweets
Embroidery kit
Emerald jewellery
Erasure CD
Esspresso machine
Evian water, egg cup
Question Author
wow these ideas are great, thank you so much everyone!
Epilator? Or however you spell it.
Small Elephant (unless she has room for a big one.)
For something to drink get her EggNog ! Popular in USA & Canada and over here !
Everything!!! ps. Can I be your friend ?
The film "Eraser"
Calvin Klein fragrances "Eternity" and "Euphoria"

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