cryptic dog breeds

8)Can I get trier to err for a change? (5,7)
10)Addams' servant goes to casualty very fast (7)
15)No bed around right academic (8)
24)Dog to confuse and harass (8)
22)Fix tree or right about turn (3,7)
28)Would it occur to you to look for a dog (3)
43)Hic! Ha Ha around the bend and the Tube (9)

Thanks for any help

16:33 Sat 16th Feb 2008
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10) Lurcher
43) Chichuaua
8) Cairn Terrier
22 Fox terrier
28 Cur
24 Foxhound
15 Doberman
Question Author
Thanks so much tubeway & shaneystar2
I thinks it's more probably Chihuahua...not chichuaua
Hic and ha ha +..U (bend) and U (tube)
Question Author
Thanks again shaneystar2,
Hi tpw536w do I still have time to get this quiz?
Question Author
well granny grump it has to be in by the end of the mouth.
perhaps not then tpw536w - thankyou

1 to 10 of 10

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