teh sunday crusader and his Squire

Just started this crossword and have successfully completed it, but do not understand some of the answers, help would be appreciated thanks

1a) Trial court at sea (5) answer CROSS-c=court ross=sea?

9a) GI's masses (1,8,3,3)

12a) Tests (over before long) not all take (7) answer STOMACH, mots over-ach?

20a) Typists mirth looks heartless-it's lies (5) answer LOLLS,l....s looks heartless oll?

1d) Type numbers like 19 (5) answer CLASS ?

3d) Place entered by models at midnight, an old house (9) STUTTGART?

7d) Separate deities-a first (6) ISOLATE?

12d) Doddery cops up for second jobs (9) SIDELINES?

16d) "Buy British ", people (7) BELIEVE ?

17d) .....said, taking one's place (7) SPOKANE ?
10:50 Sun 11th Sep 2011
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trial = cross to bear
long = ache, not all = ach
typists mirth = lol, ls = looks heartless
9a Answered earlier - a thousand and one
1d Roman numerals CL, like=AS, 19th letter of alphabet=S
3d Mid-night=G, Old house=STUART, models=TT
7d Deities are SOL and ATE preceded by I (one)
12d Doddery=SENILE, cops =DI'S
16d B=British, people - ELI and EVE
17d SPOKEN (said) around A (one)

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