18:24 Fri 07th Oct 2005
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is it a skipping rhyme? (ie to chant while you're skipping with a rope). If so it would be something to help you keep time while not distracting you with a narrative meaning.

When I was at school (1950s) the girls used to skip to:

What's the time? Half past nine.  Hang your knickers on the line.

What's the time?  Half past ten.  Time to bring them in again.

They were very well behaved, and only used the line for skipping.

I always knew it as "Whats the time, ten to nine, hang your knickers on the line when theyre dry bring them in put them in the biscuit tin, eat a biscuit eat a cake eat your knickers by mistake!"

Our version was;

What's the time, half past nine

Hang your knickers on the line

If a policeman comes along

Hurry up and put them on

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