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A man walks into Ann Summers to purchase some see-through lingerie for his wife.
He is shown several possibilities that range from £50 to £150 in price, the more see-through, the higher the price
He opts for the sheerest item, pays the £150 and takes the lingerie home.

He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs put it on and model it for him
Upstairs the wife thinks 'I have an idea.

It's so see-through that it might as well be nothing.
I won't put it on - do the modelling naked, return it tomorrow and get a £150 refund and keep the money for myself'.
So she appears naked at the top of the stairs and strikes a pose.
The husband says 'Stone me, it wasn't that creased in the shop'.

His funeral is this Thursday.
02:11 Wed 14th Mar 2012
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Flowers or donations?
Cripes!! very funny and also so true.
Are you saying only women get wrinkles. Reported for being sexist!
I luved it lol
Cupid, are you really suggesting that men get creases!!?
When was the last time you looked, Ratter15?
Serves him right!
ROFL (I know a man like that)

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