Love making positions

While making love to my wife last night, I suggested that we swap positions the following evening – to which she readily agreed.

This evening, my wife will be sitting on the couch watching TV, while I do the ironing.
14:00 Mon 02nd Jan 2012
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But you're better off than a friend of mine who found an old oil lamp in the dumps and wouldn't you believe it, when he polished out cam a genie! Genie cleared up a misconception right away when he told my friend he'd get one and only one wish. Friend thought long and hard and being the humanitarian he is asked "Can I have peace in Jerusalem?" Genie responded "No... that ones impossible... even I can't do that! Try again"... to which my friend responded "Well... in that case I'd like to experience... just once... oral sex from my wife"... Genie furrowed his brow and asked "Could you explain a little more exactly what you mean by the term 'peace'?"...
Clanad, you shock me!!!! love both jokes tho :)

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