vauxhall corsa heating problem

I have a vauxhall corsa (y reg 2001).The problem i have is that there is very little to no heating coming threw into the vehicle causing my window screen to steam up and im very cold. CAN ANYBODY HELP PLEEEEASE ???
14:00 Sun 25th Jan 2009
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Have you any water in the coolant? are the controls in the right position? A few things that can cause this, an Air lock, Blocked Radiator, Thermostat ( Not a big or expensive job ) Has the car been driven without water? are the heater hoses under the bonnet within the engine bay hot?
When did you last renew the Pollen filter?
if ur fan is working 100% ITS UR POLLEN FILTER .accesable when u lift d bonnet and remove d grillls under d windscreen and d surroundinds.if d fan aint blowing its a huge amount of hassle 2 get 2 d motor;working on 1 now.shortcut is 2 cut d metal band around d motor ,replace and use metal ties 2 secure back.otherwise remove d whole dash
hi there,sorry if i misled you.that motor is not such a big deal afterall.its directly under d pollen filter below the windscreen.bit of work in it but sounds like its only the filter thats choked up.just replace.

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