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if a car is registered to one person, but they do not drive it, driven by someone else who has insured it, is the insurance ok if any was to happen or should registered keeper and insurance be in the same name, and should insurance company be aware that the insured person is not the registered keeper. Thanks
18:56 Mon 26th Mar 2012
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The first question the police ask is "is this your car, sir?"....
I think one of the questions usually asked when you apply for insurance is do you own the car.
You can be the insured driver of the car and not be the registered keeper/owner of the car, as long as the insurance company knows this and the insurance company will usually ask you this yes, like hopkirk has said.
The first questions on an insurance proposal form are
Who is the registered keeper ?
Who is the proposer?
Who will be the main driver?
It is quite common for the registered keeper not to be the main driver , for a company car for example, but you have to be honest .
What you CAN NOT do is say that the registered keeper is the main driver when they are not.
A young driver could say that their Mum or Dad is the keeper but they are the main driver , as long as this was correct this would be legal but the insurance would be VERY high.
I owned a car that my wife drove and insured and the insurance company was OK with this even after an accident.

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