Breaks clicking on a Golf TDI

I have a 98 plate Golf 1.9 TDI and sometimes when I break you can hear a clicking sound. If you press the brakes really softly it doesn't do it. Have had the car checked over and the garage couldn't find anything wrong and said the brakes were fine. Any suggestions please?
20:34 Mon 19th Mar 2012
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just improving the spelling, factor30?

Sorry, can't actually provide an answer; but if your garage is competent there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
Is it a continuous clicking or just one click when you first brake?
Some after-market pads can be a slightly looser fit in the calipers and there is a click when you press the brake pedal causing the brake piston to connect with the disc and resulting in the click you can hear. But if you are worried get it checked out ASAP.
The brake pistons never connect with the discs, if they did the disc would not last ten minutes !

The click is made by the pads being very slightly loose in the caliper and giving the one click when you brake.
I meant the pads, of course ! Silly mistake.

But apart from that, Toureman, we are in agreement.

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Thanks for your answers. Toureman - It only seems to be if you do a hard press and not a gradual soft press (as if you were in low moving traffic) if that makes sense! I do trust my garage, but you never know! Thanks everyone!
To add to Tourmans comments, have you or someone just replaced the pads? whee the genuine if changed? if not it will be the width of the metal in the new pads in the caliper causing the click when first pressed.

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