Sex Discrimination act

Name an occupation which would be exempt from the Sex Discrimination Act and why?
11:15 Wed 30th May 2007
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A Nun !
a male model
Some carers posts are, when working on a one to one basis.
Actor playing Tarzan
The Royal Navy (Submarines).

Birds are not allowed on there due to certain pollutants the submarine emits.
If it goes beyond direct discrimination into indirect, such occupations as police motorbike riders. They have a requirement of lifting 60kg (Bike's weight, I believe) which more men than women can do.
They are called GOQ's - Genuine occupational qualification" - see the EOC website
Our local convent employs carers for the elderly nuns and whenever they advertise for female carers there is always an additional bit saying the job is exempt from the act
Ladies undergarment fitter.
It appears to be legal for the Church of England to discriminate against women priests, although some diocese choose not to.
It seems that RC priest is a job that can only be done by men. Not sure whether they are exempt but isnt it ridiculoust?

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