Racist comment

is my grandson (12) being called a pikey (just because his parents own a touring caravan) a racist comment ? ..
11:41 Thu 09th Feb 2012
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Best keep pink shirts in the closet..
If he is being repeatedly taunted with it, yes.

If just a one off, then get a thick skin and some ripostes; that's life. Kids will be kids, as they say.
not racist, even pikies are human(?) but pretty standard childhood ribbing. Children are very creative in this area.
Right - anyone that calls me a fat yellow animal will ....

...probably be correct (if a tad pachydermist)
How can it be a racist comment - when its nothing to do with race ? Its unkind thats all. But not racist.
So the child calling him this name is actually bullying him as well, with physical violence. The school definitely needs to be involved - bullying's intolerable, the name-calling is but one part of it.
I remember I was working at the council in 1983 when I first heard this word 'racist'. One of the women walked in the office and used it and we all looked at each other wondering what it meant. She explained it and we just rolled our eyes and wondered what planet she was on.

Now it seems this horrible word has become part of the vocabulary and psyche. It's a very unpleasant word and it becomes apparent it's the more unpleasant people who use it. These threads are horrible.
Not racist.
The bullying is another issue and I hope the school sort it.

BTW, do you have any clothes pegs or lucky white heather for sale?
My cousin's a pikey mrs_o.......................he could probably get you some.
I think the pikey comment is the least of his problems. The school should already be taking action. Name calling is something kids have to deal with, in reason, but not having their possessions deliberately damaged and certainly not suffering injury caused in malice!

Good luck, it's horrible knowing this stuff is happening and that you can't be there to help them.
Cheers Craft xx

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