Hi, Can anybosy tell me the cremation process??

for example, does the coffin / casket get cremated with the body?, what temp does it take?, is the body completely burned to ash??

i am really interested in this subject.

Thank you in advance
02:12 Mon 30th Apr 2007
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Wikipedia can answer all your questions:

One for ethel
The coffin is ALWAYS burned with the body. The body is not removed - the whole lot goes in.

Not everything burns to ash. Bones and so on are ground to a powder. Each body is done separately.

I'm sure someone told me that they remove false hips, etc, before they get cremated?
Pacemakers are removed, not false hips. Pacemakers may explode.

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Burning the coffin seems a bit of a waste to me.
Why not get a job in the local crematorium or as an undertaker then you will know first hand !! What a morbid subject , are you thinking of departing soon and want too know what's going to happen to you ?
Question Author
No SHEHE but somebody very close to me passed away recently and as cremation is not very common in ireland, i wanted to know more about the process because he was cremated. Call it therapy if you must!!

If U have any further problems with this question....... please let me know and i would be happy to contact you direct!!!
Sorry , didn't know the circumstances . Hope you are now getting over your loss .
Why doesnt Stelios open Easycoffins? Resell coffins at 1 fifth the price of full cost but not burn them?

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