Wasp infestation

Any advice on how to get rid of a wasp's nest in the roof of my porch?
12:12 Wed 10th Oct 2007
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Just leave it, the colder weather will kill them off soon anyway and they wont return to that nest next year.

However if you can't bear to wait till then, the council will remove it for you for a fee, think it's about �30ish.
Boo's right. Wasps don't reuse nests, and if you can wait for a bit longer until they're all dead, you can safely remove the nest yourself, as it falls apart easily. This'll save you money as well.
Where do you take a sick wasp?

To waspital!
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Thank you all very much
All wasps die in winter except the queen who hibernates, if it`s a mild winter she survives if not she`s a gonner.
Cold winter make for fewer wasps next summer.
Don`t forget that wasps are most dangerous in sept/oct when they are drunk. They feed on rotting apples and other fruit which is fermenting.
I once thought I had quite an affinity with wasps letting them walk over my hand until I accidently stood on one with bare feet, my opinion changed.

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