How much would you expect to pay for laying (only) of paving slabs approx 35" x 23" x 34-40. I live in the north of Scotland. Any approximate estimates would be appreciated.
22:43 Sat 07th Apr 2007
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Need far more info. Has area where paving to be laid got to be cleared? What is this area now?if so where can waste be taken? Are the slabs to be laid in a solid rectangle shape? Or are they to be laid to create a long path?Are slabs to be laid on a slope or to be level? Will the area paved be pedestrian only or vehicular ? Is the area next to house walls? Is there easy access to the area to be paved for vehicle? The lack of info is probably why you have not received any answers so far. Most of us workers would want to see the site. Sorry to be not much help with cost. I do note that you said laying only.
This is an excellent site for paving - this is their page on tips for employing contractors

They have a forums part of the site called "the brew cabin" which is probably a good place to ask questions before spending money
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Thanks for your help. It is a flat area to the rear of a new build house. Ground would need to be levelled to required depth but not solid. Access would be down side of house but would be able to drive up to access. Would just be a square, adding onto already placed paving slabs and uplift of waste would be my problem.

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