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I want to Decoupage a small table for my Grandchilden but need it to be waterproof and wipe clean in case they spill their drinks / paints ect on it.

Is it ok to use the usual PVA glue or do I need to use something else, maybe a varnish?
I have only ever made pictures/artwork before where it hasnt been an issue.

Many thanks,
22:40 Fri 24th Feb 2012
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You will definitely need to seal it in some way. If the child were to spill a drink the PVA would lift. Clear varnish would work but make sure the glue is completely dry first. Or you could cover the top with an acrylic sheet like this: http://www.sheetplast.../Clear_Acrylic_Sheet. Or make a frame on the top and put the sheet in that. It is a lovely idea
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Thank you Anngel for the advice & link. The acrylic looks like a great idea., wouldnt have thought of that.

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