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Good morning,
I've just bought a new hardwood bench for the garden and just wondered if I should give it a coat of teak oil before I put it out or weather it's good to go as it is? What would you do?
10:46 Sat 25th Feb 2012
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I oil all my hard wood furniture every year or it loses it's colur and turns to grey !!
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Thanks murraymints, I was intending to do that anyway so I suppose an extra coat won't do any harm, plus it's a beautiful day here so I may as well just get on with it.
I prefer the weathered colour myself
Dp7..Happy Days!!!
Never stand it on grass. If you want it to be on the lawn, put a tile or a slab under each leg. My garden seat ( inherited ) is now getting on for 40 years old, and is still sound, but if it had stood on grass it would have rotted long ago.

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