grease stains

what is the best method for removing grease stains from leather furniture?my son sat on chocolate on the leather sofa and it's left a very obvious stain. many thanks
22:34 Thu 23rd Feb 2012
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"Scrape It First - One step that most chocolate stain removal processes have in common is to first remove excess chocolate with a dull instrument such as a blunt knife. Don't use a sharp knife, as in scraping the material you can cut into the fibers making the stain even more stubborn. By removing excess chocolate as soon as you can you lessen the risk of the stain covering an even larger area. You should do this even on very delicate fabrics or leather. The less chocolate you have to deal with in subsequent steps, the easier your task is going to be."
"Leather - Children, and in some cases adults, eating chocolate on a fine leather sofa can lead to almost predictable results. Detergent works well on leather also, both polished leather and suede leather. Instead of applying a water-detergent solution to the stain, whip up some suds and just apply the suds with a cloth or sponge. A sudsy solution of diluted carpet cleaner has worked for some individuals. In that way you'll avoid the possibility of replacing a chocolate stain with a water stain. Sprinkling corn meal on the stain while still damp sometimes works, as corn meal is an excellent absorbing medium. Follow up with leather cleaner or saddle soap (on polished leather only)."


clean off the surplus chocolate and rub gently with a cotton bud dipped in eucalyptus oil the highly volatile eucalyptus displaces the cocoa butter fat it can then be cleaned using a leather cleaner and repolished
use a baby wipe they clean every stain known to man!

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