Bricking in a door

I have a doorway I wish to brick up as it is not used. I have never done any brick laying in my life. Would you say its too much of a big job to do myself?
14:38 Wed 08th Sep 2010
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If it's an internal door between rooms, it might be less hassle to fill the opening with a timber stud frame and plasterboard both sides. Rockwool insulation batts could be used to fill the void to give some sound insulation.
If sound is an issue ........... use double plasterboard on each side or even "Soundcheck" plasterboard.
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Hi its actually a redundant door in the kitchen which is external. Should I or shouldnt I?
you will have to make the outer side the same as your existing external surface(dash/painted/facing brick)
Er, round my way, the local council need to know if you are blocking up, inserting, or re-instating a doorway, (especially an external one). Their approval is needed. Best to check?
Wow .......... that must be some totalitarian state where Heathfield lives :o)

My friend BJ has mentioned the most difficult bit. Why not turn the top half into a window ......... with a decorative panel below (maybe timber or plywood set in a frame) .......... you can never have too much light :o)
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Thanks for the answers I will try it myself as soon as I knock the garden wall down (these are the only bricks I can find to match). I might do a bit of practice brick laying first somehow. Will I be able to do it in a day would you say? Reason I ask is that the door actually opens onto a public road.
Many thanks
Ok Oldie .......... take out the door frame........ also the half bricks in the reveals, so that you can "tooth-in" to the existing.
Look at the bonding of the brickwork where it breaks out above the lintel, and try to copy it ............ I guess you're leaving the lintel in?
If it's your first time, don't try to rush it. If you're not finished, just board it up temporarily.
Matching the mortar colour is the hard part. Try and get the same colour sand, and, if the mortar is looking old and discoloured, you could put a little black mortar dye into the mix .............. hope it works out :o)
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Thanks for the advice Builder. The mortar is actually not too bad because the house is painted. I am looking forward to doing it actually.

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