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A couple of years ago I ordered membership off a site where I was sent the code straight away but cant remember who it was from. Does anyone know where the cheapest is to buy it from where I will get code sent to my email?
22:52 Sat 11th Feb 2012
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funnily enough I tried recently on ebay and there are none listed. There are ads taking you to sites that do but I don't know how reliable they are.
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yes tried ebay too, I did find one site lastnight where it said emailed code within 5 minutes, then after I ordered they wanted me to send proof if ID, a photo of myself holding my ID too. Yer right!!, after many emails they have now refunded me and I have just ordered one to receive in post through amazon.
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no that wasnt one i went to and got one off amazon through post in the end for 30 quid. The dodgy site was german.
oh well, they are very good tho, i get membership etc for my son from them.

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i shall pop them on my faves for next year. Thanks x

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