Valentines meal tonight ?

Im doing his favourite. Chicken and onion kebabs with veg rice followed by berry flan and cream, then chocolate cupcakes
15:15 Tue 14th Feb 2012
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and crumpet??? hee hee
im having flame roasted balls with salad
Fajitas and nachos...for me mum and dad LOL...x
He's not with me so it will be nibbles cheeses oatcakes cherry tomatoes, olives, maybe some apple strawberries to follow
Fried sweetmeats with asparagus in pistou. Coconut icecream drizzled with whipped chocolate cream.
Mine's going out, apparently.

So when he gets in it will be a large slice of humble pie since he didn't even get me a friggin card.
We had our valentines meal at the weekend. Tonight he's getting roast chicken with pesto on the side, parmigiana melanzane (baked in a heart shape dosh) and a green salad. A slight incoherent meal but he'll be happy!

Barmaid, find the OH's bank card and order a very expensive takeaway for yourself this evening, maybe one that delivers wine too....
Nothing tonight after last year's Valentine's night fiasco........booked a table for two and it took her all evening to pot two reds.
lol sqad................I'd have enjoyed that.
LOL @ Sqad.
Why has Valentines Day become so special. From what I remember years ago it was just a day when people sent unsigned cards to those they hankered after. Nobody sent cards or bothered with people they were already with.

I am getting old and cantankerous.
You're a bad man got me. Lol
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Perhaps she prefers white wine Sqad.
There were all these blokes in Morrisons yesterday buying these ridiculous bouquets or gaudy flowers at exhorbitant prices for their partners. Probably out of a sense of duty. I don't find that in the least romantic. I don't find valentines day in the least romantic. Surely romance should be more impulsive and unpredictable.
Chinese take-away will be going down very nicely thankyou.
We are having a special Valentine meal at home tonight though this year I'm giving the oysters a miss. Had a dozen last year thinking they were aphrodisiacs.......all but three were duds. .
As far as I'm concerned I'll happily make a little extra effort in the kitchen if I think there is a chance of him visiting the Rigby and Peller website :-)
^^^an making a purchase, not just idle browsing!

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