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I am after real honest (gory details if necessary) answers about what it is like to have a c section. I would also be grateful for info on how bad the pain was after and how long it took to recover. I am pregnant with my 2nd and may be offered a c section due to having a retained placenta last time. My midwife told me I was high risk ad it was dangerous so I'm booked in to see a consulatant in August. My problem is I'm a childminder and want to take as little time off as possible so I'm worried that having a c section will not allow me to do this. The plus side is that the baby would definitely arrive before Christmas and of course it would be all planned out beforehand! In your opinions if I had a c section on say the 18th Dec (think thats the Fri) would I be ok to return to working at the beginning of Jan10. My due date is 3rd Jan but I am told you deliver 2 weeks before.
12:31 Tue 30th Jun 2009
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